Good from Bad

When a tragedy strikes, families struggle to understand why it happened and how they can continue in spite of the circumstance.  This was the case for a family with a 10 year old boy who was burned badly on two thirds of his body. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
The boy attends La Lumière, one of the Christian Schools where he has the daily opportunity to hear the Gospel and love of God. The boy was admitted into the Hospital. Days after his accident, his mother, who was not a Christian, struggled with accepting this tragedy in her own family.  Several teachers from the school came and prayed for the boy’s healing and the family’s salvation.  They specifically prayed that God would bring something good out of this horrible accident. God answered their prayer when a hospital chaplain came and shared with her the hope that is found in Christ.  The mother then understood that she could only find peace by putting her trust in the Lord.  She accepted Christ and became very open about her faith with other family members. The boy should have died from his infections, but God worked a miracle in his life to keep him alive.  As chaplains and teachers continue to visit the family seems more encouraged.  It’s is everyone’s deepest desire that the rest of the family accept Christ. 

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