Easter Celebration

This Easter 10 churches got together to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ!  There were over 700 people gathered to worship all morning and then picnic together and fellowship.  Several members of the Togo South Team participated in a missionary choir as well.  Here’s a video of a choir special.

Joseph Akakpo relates the fellowship time at his church on the Easter Sunday. “Our Agape fellowship on the resurrection day was great. I preached on The Benefits of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ {Life, Love, Hope and Power}. We really shared the love in Jesus Christ to each other. Our God provided more food than we needed and there were lots of African delicious dishes. We were even able to take some back to our homes to eat in the week. Praise His name! After church we took three rented buses loaded with about 70 church members with kids to Akoumape where we had a friendly soccer match with another church. My soccer team did well. The score was 1-1. The opponents were fortunate that I did not play.”

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