Baptism at Kpotame

New life, evidence of a changed heart- what should follow but a public declaration of faith?

On Sunday May 24, the new church plant of Kpotame held their first baptism where 12 people got baptized! One was a believer who is somewhere in his 80’s (No birth certificates back then!).It was a wonderful celebration at the river and then in the church building. Kpotame is a church plant that was started about 2 years ago by Pastor Togbe, Pastor Jeremie, and a deacon Adoli. Dr. & Mrs. Eric Miller have helped there, too.

This Sunday happened to be the Sunday of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to dwell in believers. Pastor Togbe gave a wonderful sermon on the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. Afterwards, he gave an invitation for anybody in the congregation who felt led to accept Christ. Four people came forward – the start already of a new baptism class! And they are now indwelt with the Holy Spirit! Now to just grow in Him. This is why we’re here – to share the gospel, make disciples, baptize in His name, and then encourage obedience!

Story shared by Michael & Cheryl Gayle.

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