Pastors Conference

A Muslim student accepted Christ! Even though she still has to go to the Mosque, she will only pray to Jesus during her time there. Her mother tore up her bible that her teacher had given but that hasn’t deterred her from growing in Christ and even leading devotions in her class.

This is a testimony that was shared by one of the pastors who attended the pastors conference for the Christian schools. The Christian School Team held a successful conference for all of the pastors who’s churches have schools. It was encouraging to see that each church saw the importance of participating in the meeting.  Each school was represented by a pastor or a committee member.  There were even several attendees who would like to see schools started in other churches throughout Togo!

The Christian School team was able to better explain our goal for the schools and talk through the program in order to improve the schools for the future. Our desire is to see the gospel being taught to our students and it was awesome to hear this objective echoed by the pastors as well.

Please pray for wisdom for the pastors as they continue to lead their churches in fulfilling their mission to spread the Gospel.

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