Last day of the school year!

After a long and complicated school year including pauses for multiple strikes and the presidential election, July marks the culmination of all the students’ hard work and the teachers’ dedication. When visiting schools in June, I could sense a feeling of exhaustion with the teachers and students but they kept pushing on because they knew it was their last chance to share the Good News with their students before they were let out for the summer break. The director of La Lumière middle school really took this to heart as he made it a priority to read the scriptures and pray twice a day with a 10th grade student. This student had just joined our school this year and although she had attended church some in the past, it was not a regular occurrence and she didn’t seem to grasp God’s free gift. After a few weeks of meeting with the director, I could see a huge change in her. I would find her after school reading her bible and when I asked her if she was going home to eat, she would reply that she was feasting on the World of God! We spent time praying, discussing scripture, and encouraging her to let go of her sins and be free in the Lord. This young woman lives with her aunt who makes her sell alcohol on the weekends.

Please pray for boldness as she asks her aunt permission to attend church.

Pray, too, for the Christian School Team while we hold teacher training seminars during this summer.

(Story shared by Christy Sopcisak)

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