I remember the first time that I met Adzovi – it was in 2006 under terrible circumstances, actually. Her aunt called the pastor of the Agou church(Pastor Boniface) in the middle of the night because her niece had been in labor for 3 days in the local hospital. They were afraid for her life and for the life of her baby.  Pastor Boniface called me, and I took her to the ABWE hospital where they did a c-section, and Adzovi her baby were saved.

After Adzovi’s return to Agou village we were able to share the Gospel with her, and she believed in Jesus as her Savior! She began to grow in her faith.  In 2010, she married one of our faithful brothers in Christ, Capitain. It’s neat to see their family serving the Lord together.  Adzovi now teaches the Women’s Sunday School class at the Agou church.  It has been a joy to watch and listen to her teach each Sunday. God’s work in Adzovi’s life is always an encouragement to me to keep on keeping on!

Shared by Beky Poteat

HBBWe’re thankful for Beky and the opportunity she had to share the Gospel with Adzovi.  We’re also thankful for Hôpital Baptiste Biblique that allowed Adzovi’s life to be spared. Currently,there is an urgent need at HBB for medical personnel, specifically surgeons and OB/GYN specialists.  We’ve been forced to shut down the OB department (a first) and restrict the surgical cases because of the lack of personnel.

Are you a surgeon or OB/GYN specialist? Know of someone who is? Please contact us at for more information.

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