“I blow bubbles and make funny faces.  Basically, I’m a clown.  The Togolese believers do the real work.” Often this is how we missionaries feel doing ministry in Togo!  Our white faces draw the crowd.  We can provide the funding, expertise, training to Togolese believers who in turn get to reach into the hearts of the people with the Gospel!

Recently, the Buczak family was able to host a VBS in a Kabiyé village near Hôpital Baptiste Biblique.

A lot of prayer and planning went into the program.  The Buczaks have been discipling a new believer and his family in this village.  Mr. “G” professed Christ and since then has visited his family in another village telling them of his new life in Christ!  He wants his whole village to hear the gospel, so the Buczaks decided that a VBS might be a good way to start with the children.

The 4-day VBS was run all in Kabiyé which enabled the children to hear the gospel in their heart language.  The teachers had the great opportunity to show the joy of the Holy Spirit living in them.  The teachers learned how to sing the Wordless Book song in Kabiyé.

We praise the Lord for the 87 kids (mostly un-churched) who came to hear the gospel. One child asked “What do I need to do to believe in Jesus?” Many professed to believe. The kids who memorized their verses for the week received New Testaments.

Next step?  Discipleship!  Please pray that there will be many further opportunities to pour into these children’s lives.  Pray for Kabiyé believers to lead discipleship in this village.

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