Parents Conference!

Last weekend’s Parents Conference was an amazing success!  After the opening night more chairs and tents needed to be added in order to accommodate the 2,000 attendees!  All of the churches were invited, so many people came from as far away as the capitol city of Lomé and from as far north as Kara, as well. Members from 75 different churches participated!

Many missionaries and Togolese pastors participated, helping in music, child-care, speaking during the main sessions, and leading workshops.  Joseph Akakpo led the conference and special guests came from the States to teach the main sessions.  Topics included forgiveness, honesty, renewing marriage vows, & leaving a spiritual legacy for our children.

We’ve had a ton of feedback from people who said the conference was wonderful and “we should do this every weekend!”  There were tears of repentance and forgiveness as the Holy Spirit softened people’s hearts.

One man said, “My wife and I were in serious problem in that we separated beds in the same house on the way for divorce. I did not go to the Parents Conference but my wife did. When my wife returned for our first time, we hold hands to pray and confessed to each other for reconciliation. The lessons at the conference through the Word of God changed my wife’s life and I was contaminated. Praise the Lord! It is not a magic.”

Our prayer is that the parents would continue to seek the Lord in the way they parent.  Pray that they will hold each other accountable and encourage each other.

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