Back to School!

IMG_2572 (Medium)This is the 3rd week of school here in Togo.  One day I was stopped by a soldier asking why I was carrying so many notebooks on the back of a motorcycle. I explained that they were for our Christian Schools and he said excitedly that his son had attended one of our schools 5 years ago but they had moved after that year. This was a Muslim man but he talked about how much the teachers and school impacted his son’s life and his own as well. How amazing to know that our schools have a reputation all over the country.

amou oblo
Amou Oblo school

So here we are, back in full swing of school where hearing Sunday school songs and memory verses become a daily occurrence. There is no sweeter sound than hearing little ones speak God’s truth. One teacher asked his class who they were and they responded that they were “God’s children.” They know exactly who they are because of God’s love for them and growing up with this faith will enable them to be world changers for Christ!

studentsDuring a middle school science class, the teacher took the time to explain the gospel. Four students raised their hands to accept Christ. I had the opportunity to speak to one of the girls and pray with her. She saw how her teachers lived out their faith in all aspects and wanted to know how she could do the same. She is excited to learn more about the bible and grow in her faith.

All the schools have had a great start to the school year and we trust the Lord will continue to sustain them throughout the year. The needs are great but God knows all and will provide in His timing.  Please pray that He will use the school ministry for His glory this year!

Story shared by Christy Sopcisak 

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