Feast or Famine

Bryant Ward shares his experience in Obstetrics and the need at our hospital.

Just in case you don’t make it through the whole thing, I want to get it out there: We need OB coverage at this hospital from April onward! If you want to come out here or know somebody who might, please direct them to me or to World Medical Mission. French is helpful but by no means required.

IMG_2200 The OB Ward – Jesus Film in the Background

Our hospital here in Togo has been around for more than 30 years. This past year, for the first time in those 30+ years it temporarily stopped offering obstetrics due to a lack of medical staff. This extended from the summer of 2015 until the middle of January 2016. It was a blow to morale at the hospital and to the community.

The hospital here is currently staffed by 3 long-term missionaries- an FP, a surgeon and a pediatrician ( the latter two…

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