Todd Dekryger 

“Well done, good and faithful servant.” These are words that Todd Dekryger heard yesterday when he met Jesus face to face.

Todd was working with his family as ABWE missionaries in North Togo. His heart for the Togolese and godly character were contagious. Many on the Togo South Team worked closely with him over his years of ministry at the southern hospital. Since last year he’s been the chief of staff at the Hospital of Hope in Mango.

Todd will be missed greatly by our team and we pray especially for his wife and 4 sons as they grieve his loss.

Read ABWE’s post

Here is an account of Todd’s last few days on this earth.

Evan & Breanna's Global Missions

We write to you in overwhelming grief and shock. The last two weeks have been a blur and filled with endless prayers seeking peace and healing for Todd DeKryger. The following paragraphs are a collection of tributes and information on the Dekryger family that we have recopied from various emails, Facebook posts and other blogs. Our desire is to give our readers a broad picture of the work of this family here as well as the impact they have made on the place in which we are now serving.
Todd and his family (wife Jennifer and four boys: William, Grant, Luke, and Drew) are missionaries in Mango, Togo. The family first served in the southern hospital, Hôpital Baptiste Biblique, since 2005. When the DeKryger family moved to Mango in 2013, he poured his energy into the construction of the hospital, so that his fingerprints are literally found in every corner…

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