Springtime in Togo

Just as rainy season has brought back the green forest beauty, I have seen students’ lives being transformed by only God’s power.

One 10th grade student told me awhile back that when she returned to her village for a visit, she refused to go out to the bar with her friends and they commented that she had changed.  They didn’t make fun of her for it but instead wanted to know what she had that made her seem much more happy and alive.  In that moment, this student shared the love of Christ with her friends and told them how they could accept Christ as their Savior.  Shortly after this, her father started calling her mother and sisters and decided to help pay for their school tuition.  This was a huge answer to prayer as the father lives far away and rarely speaks with them.  It has been incredible to see fruit in her life as a new believer and watch her experience God’s faithfulness in her life.

20160412060702.bjpgBy the middle of June, the school year will be finished so I have been trying to visit all the schools as often as possible, encouraging the teachers to persevere until the end. It is always an honor to speak with the teachers and see their love for the students.  I love hearing the teachers share testimonies with us about students accepting Christ.  They are so excited about their students’ decisions and take discipleship seriously.

100th day of school, April 12, 2016

The teachers are my heroes as they receive at least half the salary of a public school teacher, some of them don’t even have a bed to sleep on, and have to provide for the needs of their families.  Many of them supplement their salary by working weekly on their small farms. On top of this, they are leaders in their churches by teaching Sunday school, leading Awana, and discipling children.  Oh, and if they are a woman, there is a good possibility that they might be teaching while carrying a baby on their back!

They are amazing right?  The sacrifices they make in order to spread the gospel with their students is an inspiration to me.  We need to daily carry our cross for the Lord and never miss an opportunity to share Christ no matter the personal sacrifice we may have to give.

Please pray with me that these teachers will endure until the end of the school year and will find ways to sustain themselves during the summer.


Shared by Christy Sopcisac

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