Lomnava Church Independence!

On Saturday (May 21st) we were able to celebrate the independence of Lomnava church!   The presence of our colleague Pastors and missionaries in Togo were encouraging to me.


Pastor Philip McMillen (the West Africa Regional Director for ABWE) welcomed the audience and Pastor Jason Laird (Togo South Team Leader) gave a message on the Nature and Importance of the local church. Pastors Tona, Happy, Leo and Caleb are some of the Togolese officials for the event.


Marouf, Deacon

Pastor Bernard and the 5 new deacons made their vows to God and to the church. Marouf, one of the deacons, is a Muslim convert to Christianity. He is married with 6 children and all are members of the church. During our prayer meetings, he always expressed his desire to win his fellow brothers for Christ. Please pray for him in his new role in the church.


There is currently another pastor residing in the church parsonage and we are in the process of building  a new home for him so that Pastor Bernard can move his family close to the church.  Please pray that God will provide the remaining funds needed in order to finish the house.

Shared by Joseph Akakpo

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