Saying Goodbye to a Dream

As we spend our last night in this house, I am sad.  I feel like I am saying goodbye to a dream.  Our dream was to have a home to grow old in.  A home with lots of land to raise our children.  A place to teach them the value of hard work and how to work as a family.  When we first walked into the house, we both fell in love.  In so many ways, the Lord made it evident that this was the home He wanted us to have.  It was so clear.  It needed a lot of work to finish it, but we were excited to make it our own. To pour ourselves into it and put our own personal touches on it.  We have poured ourselves into it, John especially.  He has spent hundreds of hours working on it.  So we feel as though we are leaving a small part of ourselves here as we walk away.  I am not sure why He worked in this way, but now He has asked us to walk away from our dream.

The fireplace lined with stones from Togo

But rather than being wrapped up in what we are walking away from, I am trying to focus on what we are walking towards!  And what we are walking towards is incredible!

On the other side of saying goodbye to the dream is a marvelous plan that the Lord is unfolding right in front of our eyes.  The Lord has already worked miraculously in the selling of our house (in 26 days!!) and providing a great little house for us to rent for the next 6 months.  Not to mention the ministry partners He is bringing along side of us who have committed to support us monthly.  He is providing abundantly!

I know that over our lifetime of serving Jesus, He is going to ask us to walk away from many things; to say goodbye to many things.

Maybe a home.

Maybe a career.

Maybe friends.

Maybe family.

Maybe comforts.

Maybe a country.

But after He left His home in Glory to come to this Earth and pay the price for MY sins, the absolute least I can do is walk away from things I hold dear in order to be obedient to His calling.

What is He asking you to walk away from?  Are you willing?  I promise that on the other side of walking away awaits a far greater plan than anything you can imagine!


Story shared by Tabitha Groeneveld

Visit the Groeneveld’s family website to follow their journey to Togo

One thought on “Saying Goodbye to a Dream

  1. I feel the tug of your grief in saying good-bye to this lovely home. It really is lovely and so much yard!! But your following comments show your heart for the Lord. Yes, lots of good-byes ahead – as well as lots of “hellos.”

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