Luc’s passing

“Give thanks in ALL circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I Thessalonians 5:18

This is Thanksgiving weekend, and we’ve counted our blessings & been grateful to God for all that He is and all that He has done.  For the past week, I have been going back to this verse that I learned as a child—that mom repeated many times– “In EVERYTHING, give thanks…”  That’s a command for us to obey.  So how does one give thanks when returning from a funeral of a young man who was busy serving the Lord as a 5th grade Christian school teacher and leading a daughter work of one of our churches in Lomé?

 texted me last Friday morning to tell me that his wife’s dad had died so the funeral would be in Atakpame (about 2 hours from Lomé.) Only Luc never made it to his father-in-law’s funeral as on his way to Atakpame, he remembered he had left something at his home in Lomé and returned & while driving his moto in traffic another moto hit him & a hugimg_2302e truck ran over him and he went to be with His Lord.  So I’ve been asking myself this week how can his wife (Ahoefa) give thanks for the loss of her dad and husband in one week—leaving her with a little girl not quite 2 years old and a baby on the way??  Thankfully, Ahoefa’s faith in God is strong, and though we don’t understand, we trust God’s ways are higher and better than ours!

graduation07-054Ahoefa also is a teacher in our Christian school & went through our training course & graduated in 2007.  She came to the training with many difficulties and consequences for wrong choices she had made, but God did a miracle in her life that year and she grew in her walk with God by leaps and bounds!  I’ve seen her continue to blossom over the years, and the last time I was in their church was when Luc & Ahoefa got married in April, 2014.  Please continue to pray for Ahoefa and her daughter Yayra.  Please pray also for the students in Luc’s class & the whole school as there are holes now that Luc is no longer here.  Please pray for those who heard the Gospel last night at the wake and today at the funeral. Please pray for the body of Christ who is hurting from the loss of one of their members who served teaching adults and children.

Shared by Beky Poteat


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