Aimée’s Story

17 year old Aimée has been at the Village of Light for 10 years. She has struggled in the class work so this year she switched to our workshop to learn skills she can take back to her village to provide for herself. She loves learning all the different trades, including chalk making, soap making, and weaving chairs. Aimée comes from a poor background with many family problems. She asks that you pray for her family. From abuse within the home to neglectful parents, Aimée has dealt with more in her short life than most people have their entire lives. 15966140_1229824300426685_4724117965863394902_nShe became blind when she was very young and was told it was because her mother was cursed while she was pregnant with Aimée. She also has an older sister who is blind. Aimée also does not feel safe in her village as “many people have bad intentions with her.” Pray for her safety and protection for whenever she is home.

Aimée became a Christian here at the Village of Light in 2007. She loves to sing worship songs and loves learning about Jesus’ love for her. Pray that she will take that knowledge and help her village and family to know Truth.


-Shared by Lauren Lunsford

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