Nina and Josephine

17796234_1313239288751852_6914024191058240245_nThis is Nina’s second year at school here. She and her best friend, Josaphine, love to swing on the swings, sing songs, and laugh together. Nina has had a difficult life in her village. Many people make fun of her because she is blind. Nina is also the niece of a witch doctor. This has caused many problems for her. Last school year she suffered from terrible nightmares. Praise God, she no longer has nightmares! Please pray for her salvation. She still does not completely understand the gospel. We are praying she takes the step away from darkness of the voodoo practices of her past and into the light of Jesus. 

16832083_1268642069878241_7524460043554040185_nThis is Josephine’s first year at school here. She and her best friend Nina, who is also in our Kindergarten class, are inseparable. Josephine loves to sing and she is learning French and Braille very well. You rarely see Josephine without a huge smile on her face. I’ve often thought when I see Josephine, that because she has grown up blind she doesn’t know that most people don’t smile constantly. All she knows is to express her joy for life in her smile wherever she goes. It is a beautiful thing.

She has found belonging here that she has lacked in her village. People in her village tell her mother regularly to abandon her because she is not worth anything. This is very difficult for Josephine. Please pray for strength and encouragement when she goes home on breaks. Please also pray for Josephine’s salvation. She knows that God is good, but has not received Him as her Savior yet.

One thought on “Nina and Josephine

  1. I appreciate reading the stories of the different blind students, catching a glimpse of what they’ve come from (and return to, on breaks) and their personalities. May Nina and Josephine soon understand and entrust their lives to Jesus.

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