Cader’s story

16683913_1268642093211572_460275410581619634_nThis is Cader’s first year in school here. He is our youngest student this year. His father, Mr. Abalo, is also blind and attended the Village of Light when he was young. Cader’s mother left their family when Cader was very young. Please pray for her salvation and reconciliation. His father is very loving and attentive, but struggles to take care of them both. They are very poor.

Pray that Cader continues to learn French. It is difficult for him to communicate with others because he speaks a different tribal language than most of the other students (Kabiye). However, he has been learning French very well for how young he is.

It has been a joy to see the transformation of Cader since he started out here. Cader was withdrawn, shy, and very sad when he first came. It was difficult for him to adjust to life away from his father. It was not uncommon to find little Cader crying. However, now it is hard to find Cader without a smile on his face. He loves to sing. You can usually hear his voice over all the other voices during chapel. He loves school, his friends, and to play games.

Pray that Cader understands and accepts the Gospel as soon as possible.

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