Melebatom’s Story

17352110_1292725220803259_3671032166675207342_nMelebatom comes from a very poor family of farmers. His job at home was to hoe and clean the fields for his family. School has been difficult for Melebatom, so this year he has started in our workshop, learning to weave chairs and make chalk, soap, and other things he can make in his village to support himself. He enjoys the workshop and does a very good job at weaving chairs.

Melebatom received Jesus in 2015 with a missionary here, Jane Schmitz. He says since he’s become a Christian, the sins he used to do, he no longer does. He asks that you pray for him while he is here at school that he can learn all he can in this time here. He also asks that you pray for those in his family who have not received Jesus yet.

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