Senyo’s story

17362479_1313239448751836_8534562859403399984_nSenyo lost his part of his sight about four years ago. He decided to come to the Village of Light to continue his education by learning to read and write in Braille. Last school year, Senyo decided to enter our two-year small business program. He is learning how to weave furniture and make soaps, chalk, brooms, and other sellable items. He likes to go to the market to sell what he makes. This is his last year in our trade school. Senyo asks that you pray for him and his home life. He says that people shun him and threaten him in his village because of his disability. Please pray for encouragement and boldness for Senyo. Senyo became a Christian with his village pastor. Pray that he grows in his faith and understanding of Jesus’ love for him while he is here at school.

Shared by Lauren Lunsford

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