Students at the Village of Light


This sweet kindergartner is shy girl who is new to our school this year. She grew up in a Muslim household. Last year her mother became very sick and was admitted to our mission hospital. There, she was told about the good news of Jesus and started a relationship with Him. This student and her sister also decided to follow Jesus. Because her mother chose to become a Christian, her husband and family rejected her. She is now raising her daughters by herself. While her mother was in the hospital, some fellow missionaries told the family about our school for the blind. They were thrilled and this 11 year old has adjusted very well to life here at the Village of Light. She is learning more and more about faith in God and has a sweet love for Jesus. She is also very smart and is learning Braille and French well. Please pray for her family that they would also know the love of Jesus and be reconciled.


Simeon is a very intelligent student from the capital city of Lome. He lost his sight when he was born, but that doesn’t keep him from learning all he can. Simeon is 13 years old and graduates this year from our school.  He plans to continue his studies in the local middle school. Please pray for Simeon that he will understand more of the love and grace God has for him. Pray for strong Christian men to pour into his life after he has graduated from the Village of Light.

19732137_1408482985894148_5002753570948063444_nKossi is a hardworking 5th grade boy who loves to play soccer. He comes from a very poor family who cannot support him. His father died in 2014 and Kossi is praying that after he completes school he can get a job to provide for his family. He hopes to become a secretary when he graduates.  Kossi came to know the Lord with a former chaplain, Mr. Woaku in 2011. Since he became a Christian, he says has felt free from the sins that used to control him.

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