Youth Conference!

The National Youth Conference kicked off last night with HUGE crowd of boys and girls. I cannot describe the emotions as long time friends have seen each other especially in Christ. I was listening to a girl talking with surprise that she just learned her longtime friend has finally come to know Jesus Jesus Christ!

The sleeping place was a problem for the participants! For that reason, our 30 workshops will be divided under the tents and open air if it does not rain since all the classrooms are being used as dormitories. Most of the youth are sleeping on the floor and we are having cool nights, so please pray for that during these three days. Some youths are already sick. Fortunately our mission’s hospital nurses are present to help with first aid.

In the opening session Pastor Afolabi gave inspiring message with about 200 different decisions. Today we started topics like, “Spiritual Discipline, How can I choose my spouse, Pornography and Masturbation, Seizing the opportunity, etc.” All our 36 workshop leaders are present with missionaries. There are four nationalities: Cameroonian, Americans, Ghanaians and Togolese.

Pray continue to pray as the youths seek the face of God today and the days ahead for positive transformation by the Holy Spirit through the Holy Word of God.

-Shared by Joseph Akakpo

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