Updates from the field

Honoré’s Healing and Hope

Honoré, a farmer walking home from his field, was accidentally shot by another. His right leg was nearly severed from his body. It was over two weeks later before he arrived at Hôpital Baptiste Biblique for treatment nearly dead due to gangrene. God spared his life and during his recovery he heard about God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ which he accepted for his own.

“He is able to smile despite having lost his leg because he now belongs to Jesus and has a sure and steadfast hope for all eternity!”

Jack Kehl, General Surgeon, Hôpital Baptiste Biblique  

Exciting News!  

A small church plant near Hôpital Baptiste Biblique had their very first Sunday school class for kids with about 40 in attendance! This opportunity is representative of the core goal, church planting, for the Groenevelds, Judy, and Liza who have been working to pass this ministry off to the Togolese nationals. “Seeing churches and programs grow is why I am involved full-time in the literature ministry.”

Judy Bowen, Literature translator and photographer, South Togo  

As schematics and designs are approved and steady work continues, the Vision Project is really taking shape on the HBB campus. Significant funds continue coming in for the completion of this project and we are excited how this will increase the overall effectiveness of the hospital and ministry efforts.

Work Completed This Past Month:
Missionary House #11  Tile work Plumbing and septic work  Kitchen cabinets and countertops Grading around the building Guest House Expansion – block making started

Next Steps: Chapel—begin design development and engineering Staff Building—begin construction drawings from approved schematic PAACS and Short-Term Housing – begin design Guest House – Begin exterior construction

Total Raised Funds for All Phases: $6,984,060.67
Project Total Budget: $8,262,367.00
Funds Needed to Complete All Phases: $1,278,306.33

Thank you for your generous outpouring of support and encouragement in this project! You are making a difference, not only to serve the medical needs of this community but, more importantly, the spiritual needs of children, adults, and families.  

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