Class is in Session!

This week, we received some pictures from our teammate, Joan, of a class that was held this week at the Bible Institute in Kara!


This is the view from Joan’s apartment in Kara. The large green roofed building in the back is the orphanage and next to it (hidden from view) is the Bible Institute.

And this week, 7 men have been attending class on that campus!

Honoré (pictured below), an ABWE missionary and Togolese National, is teaching the class. Here, they are focusing specifically on John 20:30-31.

“Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

Allen and I would love to provide some biblical teaching, too, so we were excited to see that being done. We don’t know how God will fit us into this ministry, but we are waiting expectantly with open hands!

Shared by the Batts family

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Elementary Teacher Needed

This and last school year, the Lord has blessed us with a wonderful teacher for our missionary kids. Marilyn Scraver invested two years of her heart into our kids. However, in June, she plans to retire. Aunt Marilyn’s time here has allowed us missionary moms to apply ourselves to other work and ministries on our team. We are all prepared to homeschool again next year, but it would cause us to have to minimize what we are able to do for our team.

Would you please pray with us that God might send us another teacher for 1-2 years to teach our elementary aged MKs? Contact us to learn more!


Reading Room
Outside the schoolhouse

2018 HBB Christmas Catalog

We want to invite you to celebrate Christmas with Hôpital Baptiste Biblique this year! As we enter the Christmas season, our hearts express gratitude to God for the gift of Christ who came to save. Give a gift of physical and spiritual healing to those in Togo. Check out this link to our 2018 Christmas Catalog and see how you can make a difference!

Have you met Prosper?

Early Sunday morning, we drove to a small church on top of the mountain. The ABWE leadership is visiting Togo. The vice president, Dave Woodard, is preaching this morning at a mountain church behind Hôpital Baptiste Biblique. He speaks on having a relationship with Jesus. To help illustrate his sermon, he points to a young boy sitting in the front row.

“I don’t know this boy or his name. So, how can I be his friend?” Dave then extends his hand in greeting and asks what the boy’s name is.

The boy replies, “My name is Prosper.”

Dave explains, “I now know Prosper’s name. However, I still don’t really know him. Likewise, many people have heard of the name of Jesus. But they don’t know Him.”

Dave takes a seat next to Prosper. “Now, if I spent some time with Prosper and talked with him, then we could say we are friends.”

Dave goes on to explain that if we want to grow in our relationship with Christ, we need to spend time with Him. To be a follower of God you don’t want to keep your relationship with God a secret. You want to tell others! “If I’m good friends with Prosper, I want to tell others about Prosper!”

Dave walks to the next pew where a young girl was sitting. “Hi, would you like to meet my friend Prosper?”

The girl smiles big as she wiggles in her seat and nods her head.

Dave finishes by saying, “We need to be actively telling others about Jesus and what he did for us on the cross.”


-Shared by Liz Ortiz

Christmas Wish List for the Christian Schools

Christians in Togo Celebrate Christmas, too!  Here’s how YOU can spread a little Christmas cheer this year for your brothers and sisters in Christ in Togo, West Africa!

christmas list5

christmas list4

christmas list3

christmas list2

You can participate by making a donation at Use account #0763451 for the ministry of Andrew and Mary Ward in Togo, West Africa, marking your gift for one of the needs mentioned:

-Teacher Medical Needs
-Student Scholarship
-ASEL Registration

Christians in Togo Celebrate Christmas, too!  Here’s how YOU can spread a little Christmas cheer this year for your brothers and sisters in Christ in Togo, West Africa!

-Shared by Mary Ward

ABWE Leadership visits Togo

A year ago, Paul Davis was appointed president of ABWE. Since then, he has been traveling the world visiting the different countries where ABWE works. On this trip it was Togo’s turn.

“ABWE’s vision has not changed,” Paul stated during a Sunday night worship service at the missionary guesthouse. “As the new president, the most common question I’m asked is, ‘What is your new vision?’” Paul explained, “Our vision is to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements among every people.”

ABWE has been around for 90 years. It’s encouraging that the vision has remained the same throughout all 90 years and that the vision still rings true in Togo. During the leadership team’s time in Togo, they were able to experience first-hand the variety of ministries here. The ministries vary from medical and Christian education, to aviation and church planting, and more.

It was an encouragement to have the leadership team out in Togo, and it was exciting to be able to show off some of the amazing work God is doing through the ministries here. We look forward to them coming back again to see more of the marvelous work that God is doing here in Togo.

-Shared by Liz Ortiz

Shining Jesus’ Light

The Mallay family served at Hôpital Baptiste Biblique from December 2016-January 2018.  When their oldest daughter, Arwen experienced health problems, they returned to the States. She was diagnosed with cancer and has been in treatment since then.  The article in the following link was written by Arwen Mallay for the World Medical Mission/Samaritan’s Purse Magazine this summer.

Arwen- Shining Jesus’ Light

Follow her story at Mallays On A Mission


She’s here!

The airplane was released from port with some expected difficulty, but arrived at its home hangar on Thursday, December 7th. If you could have been there, you would have felt excitement in the air as everyone from those on the aviation team, to our employees, to missionary kids, to medical personnel from the hospital rejoiced together. It was a great event long anticipated.


Just four days later, our family boarded a jetliner for a time at home for Stephanie’s sister’s wedding. It was a good month home, and we are now back in Togo and already submersed in our regular life and schedule.

Last week, Ryan and Joe, a missionary colleague working in Ghana, were able to put the airplane back together and perform its first run-ups. They also took a trip down to Lome to meet with aviation officials in order to obtain permission to fly in the country. The results of that trip were promising and we hope to be allowed to begin break-in flights later this week or early next week.

Please pray for safety on the first flights, that the airstrip will be smooth and the air clear. Most importantly, please pray that this ministry would be one that honors and glorifies the name of our God; that it would be a tool that magnifies Him alone.


-Shared by the Buczak family



Dinner with Florence (left) and her family


Peanut sauce and rice with friends


Rebecca, a good friend who is my high school girls’ bible study


It’s Sunday morning. I walk at a brisk pace down the road from the hospital compound to the church in Tsiko (the village nearest me).  I hear the drums, the always-too-loud-trumpets and the most beautiful voices raised in song. My heart leaps with joy and my pace quickens. I do not want to miss even one second of worshipping God with my Togolese brothers and sisters. I arrive at the church and nearly explode with joy. I find a place in the congregation next to friends who I have made over the past 9 months. As we worship our creator and sing songs about God’s faithfulness I praise God for bringing me to Togo. I praise God for the loneliness. I praise God for the confusion. I praise God for his grace in my doubt. I praise God for the lizard that fell on my head. I praise God for his goodness; for his promise to redeem me and refine me through hard things. I praise God for Florence; I see her dancing down the aisle; hands raised, eyes lifted to the heavens, face radiating thankfulness, voice lifted high in praise, heart delighting fully in the lover of her soul, Jesus Christ.  When I look at Florence, one of the most truly beautiful women I have ever met, I see Jesus Christ. And I praise God for the gift of knowing her; for allowing me to witness her life that is completely surrendered to the Lord. I pray that God would shape me into a woman like Florence, a woman who is consumed with displaying God’s glory.

At church, we sing a song in Ewe, one of the tribal languages in the region of Togo where I live, that repeats the word “amenuveve”. I asked one of my Togolese friends what the word meant and they told me that it means grace.  Amenuveve is why I am in Togo Africa. Grace. Before I came to Togo I was so excited about all the ways would be serving and all the ways that would be furthering the kingdom of God.  I didn’t realize that God would use me living in Togo for a year to show me that am so terribly weak and that without amenuveve can do nothing.

I am surrounded by individuals who model Christ-likeness. Amenuveve. I get to invest in the lives of missionary kids. Amenuveve. I battle extreme loneliness. Amenuveve. I get to see people everyday who are from a different nation and culture than myself serving the same God I do. Amenuveve. Mice scamper through my kitchen on a regular basis. Amenuveve. All of these pieces to the puzzle called “my life” are GRACE because I know what the final picture looks like! God promises to redeem the ugly in my life, to the praise of his glory. All of these pieces that oftentimes seem random or don’t seem to make sense join together perfectly to  create a beautiful portrait that says “GRACE”.  “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. My entire life has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ—Amenuveve

Story by McKenzie McDaniel

Source: Amenuveve

Youth Conference!

The National Youth Conference kicked off last night with HUGE crowd of boys and girls. I cannot describe the emotions as long time friends have seen each other especially in Christ. I was listening to a girl talking with surprise that she just learned her longtime friend has finally come to know Jesus Jesus Christ!

The sleeping place was a problem for the participants! For that reason, our 30 workshops will be divided under the tents and open air if it does not rain since all the classrooms are being used as dormitories. Most of the youth are sleeping on the floor and we are having cool nights, so please pray for that during these three days. Some youths are already sick. Fortunately our mission’s hospital nurses are present to help with first aid.

In the opening session Pastor Afolabi gave inspiring message with about 200 different decisions. Today we started topics like, “Spiritual Discipline, How can I choose my spouse, Pornography and Masturbation, Seizing the opportunity, etc.” All our 36 workshop leaders are present with missionaries. There are four nationalities: Cameroonian, Americans, Ghanaians and Togolese.

Pray continue to pray as the youths seek the face of God today and the days ahead for positive transformation by the Holy Spirit through the Holy Word of God.

-Shared by Joseph Akakpo