The Mission: Expanding the reach of the Gospel in West Africa

After many years in storage the airplane has been carefully restored to working order! The airplane will have the ability to reach Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso.  The aviation team will utilize the two ABWE hospitals with their runways as they survey the area, begin church planting, and mobilize Togolese believers.  There is a possibility of adding additional airplanes and facilities in Togo and surrounding countries as this ministry grows.

The Team

Ryan & Stephanie Buczak: visit their blog or Facebook page: The Buczak Buzz

Jason & Kathy Laird: visit them online: The Plane Truth

3 thoughts on “Aviation

  1. It’s great to see your story in the ABWE issue. Jason & Kathy Laird are friends our ours & we do get their news letters as we do support them Our prayers are with you all as you service our Lord & Savior. Dave & Sharon Spangler

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  2. We are thrilled that the airplane is now once again back in Togo and ready to be re-assembled and put into service. There are hundreds and thousands of villages “out there” that need the Gospel. God speed.


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