togo_logo_long2The Friend Indeed Association is on a mission to provide support,  care, and education to those living with HIV/AIDS.  It is the number 2 killer in Africa, after malaria.

Brenda K. Mastin, Founder of the Friend Indeed Association, started the ministry in 2008. She, along with with 6 Togolese board members, focus on prevention and education for adults and youth,  counseling and home care/support.   God has opened doors to spread the Good News to individuals as well as at larger group meetings in churches and schools.  They share what HIV is and is not, how to prevent it, how to reach out to others who are HIV+, and share the message of hope in Christ. This outreach is known as ALMA or the “Association Le Meilleur Ami.”

Learn More at or visit the The ALMA Facebook Page.