The Togo Nursing Education Program was begun in 1997 as a ministry of the Karolyn Kempton Memorial Christian Hospital.  Togolese men and women, strong believers involved in their churches and recommended by their local churches, are trained as nurses in order to work in our mission hospital with the goal of using their nursing profession as a ministry for Christ.  These nurses are involved with compassionate care in all dimensions:  spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.  They are daily at the patients’ bedsides, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and meeting physical needs.

The Nursing Education Program is a three-year program involving classroom teaching, skills practice, and clinical experience.  In order for students to study full-time rather than divide their attention between school and extracurricular work, the Nursing Education account provides a stipend for each student.

Current needs: Nurse Educators needed to teach classes and experienced nurses to help supervise clinicals. If you would be interested in helping with this project, please contact Sharon RahillyGive to this program. Use account #763553.

2 thoughts on “Nurse Training Program

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  2. Hello au Togo,
    I have met a young woman in Agome-Yoh who was working in the local dispensaire since several years. In the beginning to be trained as a nurse but when I met her, there was no more financial support for the centre and the former nurse had left the place.
    As far as I watched her enthusiasm to learn and as she told me about her dream to really learn the profession I would like to know how she could probaply find her way into your training. So far she did not make any effort to leave the village because she feels responsible for her mother who would be without help. I am ready to help her mother if Bethel could start a training. Let me know if there could be a chance.
    Kirsten von den Driesch
    P.S.: I owe you some money, cause when I came for medical advise last year I was not prepared for the amount you asked for and had to leave without paying but my carnier is waiting for my next visit to pay my dept.


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