logoThe Village of Light School for the Blind has a passion to educate those who have been blinded by disease, accidents or genetics to be able to read the French Braille Bible and teach them a trade.  The school is a haven for those who are shunned by society and family, showing them the unconditional love of God on a daily basis.  The ultimate goal of the school is to bring sight-impaired children to a saving knowledge of Christ and to disciple them in the faith.

The Village of Light was started in 1974 by ABWE missionaries Dal and Kay Washer.  The Village of Light employs Togolese believers to staff the positions of Principal, eight teachers and aides, and dorm parents to educate the students.    The campus is situated near the city of Kpalime with facilities for classrooms, dorms and housing for missionaries.

Joan Schmitz is the current Administrator of the Village of Light.  She is also responsible for an aquaponics system that was recently built to help financially support the ministry for the blind.

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