Removing AIDS Stigma In Togo

Brenda Mastin is a nurse at the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism hospital in Tsiko, Togo. Over the last few years she and other Togolese colleagues have formed the organization ALMA which is french for “friend indeed”. They are an HIV/AIDS ministry of education, compassion and support. Their main operation is to educate the local churches to show compassion to HIV/AIDS patients as well as giving them support through counseling and medication. They hope to open their own center for chronic disease care near the hospital. In this video Storyteller Hannah Saxe tells the story of ALMA and their work in Togo.


ALMA & Evangelism

This weekend ALMA (our HIV/AIDS ministry) sponsored an evangelistic campaign in Tsiko’s public square with the ABWE Tsiko church.

12974317_10153456334410906_2350662650210948116_nOn Friday night we held a service with the church band, 2 choirs, and a dynamic evangelist. There were several decisions to become Christ followers.

On Saturday morning we prepared to head out two by two to do door to door visits. We shared the Gospel and gave invitations to church on Sunday. We were able to tell many people about Christ and the church’s role in the face of the HIV/AIDS crisis, prevention, education. We praise God that several folks from Tsiko village became Christ followers and a few were in church on Sunday to declare what God has done in their lives!


We are so humbled and blessed to have had this part in advancing His kingdom and plan to do this every 3 months, as well as speaking in churches, and developing the Center for counseling, education, testing, treatment and fellowship/support groups.

Thanks for your prayers and support for this ministry!

Story shared by Brenda Mastin