She’s here!

The airplane was released from port with some expected difficulty, but arrived at its home hangar on Thursday, December 7th. If you could have been there, you would have felt excitement in the air as everyone from those on the aviation team, to our employees, to missionary kids, to medical personnel from the hospital rejoiced together. It was a great event long anticipated.


Just four days later, our family boarded a jetliner for a time at home for Stephanie’s sister’s wedding. It was a good month home, and we are now back in Togo and already submersed in our regular life and schedule.

Last week, Ryan and Joe, a missionary colleague working in Ghana, were able to put the airplane back together and perform its first run-ups. They also took a trip down to Lome to meet with aviation officials in order to obtain permission to fly in the country. The results of that trip were promising and we hope to be allowed to begin break-in flights later this week or early next week.

Please pray for safety on the first flights, that the airstrip will be smooth and the air clear. Most importantly, please pray that this ministry would be one that honors and glorifies the name of our God; that it would be a tool that magnifies Him alone.


-Shared by the Buczak family

Test Flight

Almost 2 years ago, the 1964 Cessna 206 was sent back to the States for some much needed tender love and care. We are pleased to report that N5180U is in the last stages of her total refurbishment, and she is looking good! She just completed her first test flight!

Please pray:

  • For our mission will be able to get NGO status before the airplane arrives. NGO status is granted to non-profit organizations and it gives us certain tax cuts that will make it much easier to get our airplane back into the country without having to pay astronomical taxes.
  • Almost all of the funding has come in to complete this project. Ten thousand dollars is needed for its completion and to finally get the plane back to Togo. Contributions can be made to account number  at


-Shared by The Stoners and Buczaks