Saved, before too late!

In the fall of 2019, HBB received a man with a terrible necrotizing fasciitis of his leg (this is what lay people call “flesh eating disease.” It is very, very hard to treat, and often the infected person loses their affected limb.)

When the man arrived, he was very angry/bitter. He cooperated in his physical care, but he wanted nothing to do with the chaplains who tried to share about God with him each day. Because of his infection, the man was with us over 2 months. After a time, the chaplains got “tired” of always being turned down by the man. He didn’t even want prayer for his situation while almost every-one else does, even if they are “not Christians.” In frustration, after months of being rejected and putting up with the meanness of the man, one of the chaplains gave him a Bible and said, “Look, I don’t have time to always be trying to get you to talk to me about God. There are other people who are inter-ested and need me. Here is a Bible for you, and you can read it for yourself if you want to find the truth.”

About 3 weeks later (the man was admitted for a long, long time trying to have his leg saved), the man asked for the chaplain to come and see him. When the chaplain arrived, the man was beaming, the most happy/cheerful that anyone (even his family) had ever seen him. He said immediately, “I understand now! I believe! Thank-you for sharing this Good News with me!” And then the man said that he wanted to learn more about God & Jesus. So the chaplain got him a Source of Light (SOL) Biblical correspondence course, that he could do with his Bible from his bed. The man went through the lessons like a sponge, absorbing and soaking up everything that he could.

He was finally released from the hospital in December -with his leg intact, with a newfound faith and peace, with his Bible, and with more SOL lessons. In mid-Jan, he returned for a follow up appointment. He was still extremely happy and thanking everyone for sharing Christ with him and for changing his life. After the appointment, the man was given another set of SOL lessons, and sent home. A few hours after he left, the hospital got a call, that this man had been killed in a terrible auto accident on his way back to his village!

Some people would say, “That’s not fair! That’s horrible! How could God not protect him after he gave his life to Him!” It is sad, and it was shocking, but as Christians we really should be saying, “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! This man had an opportunity to accept Christ, before he died! God has every-thing under control and in His plan!”

This is why we’re here in Togo! To share the best medicine of all—the Good News of Jesus Christ! It is life changing and will save you in the end! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

-Shared by Michael & Cheryl Gayle

Spiritual and Medical Care

Holistic — /həʊˈlɪstɪk,hɒˈlɪstɪk/

characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Madame Agathe shares the Gospel with a patient in the maternity ward.

Madame Agathe shares the Gospel with a patient in the maternity ward.

Holistic ministry is ministry that focuses on caring for a person by helping them with both their felt and spiritual needs. Some know they have at least one of the two, others deny or do not know they have either. At HBB, the medical staff knows the importance of hygiene, wound care, medications, operations, antibiotics, and so on and so forth. Patients are grateful to be taken care of by medical professionals when they are sick. However, their needs are not just limited to their bodies of flesh. Each patient has a soul with an eternal life ahead of it, yet many do not know what that eternal life is. That is why HBB is focused on caring for a patient’s spiritual maladies as well their physical ones.

2 chaplains shared about salvation in Jesus with this patient. First, she thought about it and second she stated she was saved. The chaplain noted, “to be continued”.

2 chaplains shared about salvation in Jesus with this patient. First, she thought about it and second she stated she was saved. The chaplain noted, “to be continued”.

Each patient that is admitted to the hospital has a medical chart to one in any hospital. However, unique to the missions hospitals are spiritual charts. Like a medical chart, spiritual charts allow the chaplains to tailor their ministry in order to meet the specific needs of each patient. These are primarily referenced by the chaplains but are available to all medical professionals attending the patient. Throughout the duration of the stay each patient is intentionally visited by a chaplain who spends time discussing spiritual topics (e.g. Salvation, salvation in Christ alone, the Bible, prayer, etc.). Each chart notes what day a patient was spoken with, what topic was spoken about, what evangelistic material was used, the response of the patient, and the name of the chaplain who spoke with them.




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-Story and photos by Hannah Strayer

Students at the Village of Light


This sweet kindergartner is shy girl who is new to our school this year. She grew up in a Muslim household. Last year her mother became very sick and was admitted to our mission hospital. There, she was told about the good news of Jesus and started a relationship with Him. This student and her sister also decided to follow Jesus. Because her mother chose to become a Christian, her husband and family rejected her. She is now raising her daughters by herself. While her mother was in the hospital, some fellow missionaries told the family about our school for the blind. They were thrilled and this 11 year old has adjusted very well to life here at the Village of Light. She is learning more and more about faith in God and has a sweet love for Jesus. She is also very smart and is learning Braille and French well. Please pray for her family that they would also know the love of Jesus and be reconciled.


Simeon is a very intelligent student from the capital city of Lome. He lost his sight when he was born, but that doesn’t keep him from learning all he can. Simeon is 13 years old and graduates this year from our school.  He plans to continue his studies in the local middle school. Please pray for Simeon that he will understand more of the love and grace God has for him. Pray for strong Christian men to pour into his life after he has graduated from the Village of Light.

19732137_1408482985894148_5002753570948063444_nKossi is a hardworking 5th grade boy who loves to play soccer. He comes from a very poor family who cannot support him. His father died in 2014 and Kossi is praying that after he completes school he can get a job to provide for his family. He hopes to become a secretary when he graduates.  Kossi came to know the Lord with a former chaplain, Mr. Woaku in 2011. Since he became a Christian, he says has felt free from the sins that used to control him.

Patient turned Pastor

During 2016 Hôpital Baptiste Biblique (HBB) saw another example of the connection of healthcare and God’s church. In June , M. Agouda, a retired teacher from the village of Gbadigbena, came to the clinic for treatment where he heard and responded to the gospel of grace during his consultation. Coming back for a follow up visit in July, he spoke with a chaplain asking for help. A group of new believers had grown up in his village because of his testimony. The chaplain spent time with M. Agouda and provided Bible Study Materials from the Christian Materials Center.

image1God also directed M. Agouda’s path to cross with another believer from a small church which had been started through the outreach of the hospital many years ago – a village much nearer to him than our hospital. This church leader began to visit, pray with him and encourage him in the Bible. Two of the HBB chaplains traveled to this village in August to encourage this small group. In September, the Evangelistic Mobile Clinic, made the more than 3 hour trip to provide a free day of clinic to the village at the church meeting site. By October, one of our surgeons, Eric Miller, accompanied the chaplains to see how God was leading in the establishing of another gospel outpost in a dark place.

image3This group continues to meet and study God’s Word together. At the end of December they journeyed to the regional church conference where they connected with an experienced Togolese pastor whose heart has already been burdened to reach out to this remote area. Please pray for this small group of believers and others like them to grow into strong churches.

-Shared by Annette Williams