Teacher Appreciation Day

Our team has grown a lot over the past few years, adding more young families to the team. During the last 2 years we’ve been blessed by the presence of an experienced teacher, Marilyn Scraver, who’s patience, stick-to-itiveness, and kindness have blown me away.  How did she put up with 9 missionary kids of different grade levels and then sign up again for a second year!?  I’m sure she’d answer, “It was only by the grace of God,” but I also know she enjoyed the challenge.  What an amazing, tenacious lady.

We’re sad to see Marilyn go, but so pleased that she was able to be a part of our children’s lives.  Even though our kids participated only two days a week, I could see her enthusiasm rub off onto them and their love for learning grow because of her influence.

Here’s a poem from some of her students:

Aunt Marilyn has lots of energy, even though she’s short.
We don’t mind at all, because she’s a happy sort.

She wears lots of colors, but her favorites are blues.
And when we sometimes lose them, she always finds our shoes.

Bible verses, spelling, she’s taught us many things.
History and reading and flying things with wings.

For clean desks she always gives a treat.
She only does this because she’s very sweet.

She is always honest, and she’s very kind.
People like Aunt Marilyn are very hard to find.

by Leslie & AnnMarie Buczak with the help of Diana Duncan

-Shared by Mary Ward


Elementary Teacher Needed

This and last school year, the Lord has blessed us with a wonderful teacher for our missionary kids. Marilyn Scraver invested two years of her heart into our kids. However, in June, she plans to retire. Aunt Marilyn’s time here has allowed us missionary moms to apply ourselves to other work and ministries on our team. We are all prepared to homeschool again next year, but it would cause us to have to minimize what we are able to do for our team.

Would you please pray with us that God might send us another teacher for 1-2 years to teach our elementary aged MKs? Contact us to learn more!


Reading Room
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