Memorial Service

Greetings from Togo – and thank you so very much for your continued prayers for all of us (missionary and Togolese) who are serving our God in this part of the world.  There are times when the fatigue (not just physical but emotional) is huge.

And then I am reminded that God renews my strength, that He toddallows me to “mount up with wings as an eagle, to run and not be weary, and to walk and not faint” (from Isaiah 40:31). And I am reminded that you are standing with me in prayer – and I cannot thank you enough!

The last time I wrote was just after Todd DeKryger, our missionary surgeon in Mango (our northern hospital), went to heaven.   This past week Todd was buried at the Hospital of Hope in Mango. A small service was attended by missionaries, hospital employees, and Muslim friends of the DeKrygers. Friday evening Jennifer, the boys, and a wonderful group of missionaries from the north arrived here at our southern hospital for a memorial service for Todd that was held Saturday morning.  I just returned from that service; what a very special time of honoring God and sharing together our love for Todd and explaining to those who do not know Jesus Christ the joy and peace and assurance of eternal life that is possible because of Him!  Jennifer speaking.jpgDuring the service, our nursing supervisor, Mensah, told about the last time he and Todd were together.  At that time, Todd said the following:  “Mensah, we are in a battle.  Some of us may die.  It might be me; it might be my wife; it might be one of my boys.  But we continue on in faith.”  Continue reading Memorial Service