Passing The Torch In Togo

Sharon Sedzro was born 3 months premature, and weighed less than 4lb (2kg). The doctors told her mother that she would only live if they relied on God. She lived and was later the catalyst that brought about a children’s camp ministry that missionaries from the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism had tried to start over ten years earlier. Storyteller Brian Funderburke shares the story of Madame Sedzro, Sharon Sedzro, and Judy Bowen, and how God worked in their lives to restart a children’s camp ministry that is impacting hundreds of Togolese children.

One Test Short. One Dream Reached.

Gnoyi failed his high school diploma test. Without his high school diploma he never would have been able to be a part of the medical community. With the help of Hôpital Baptiste Biblique he was able to raise the funds and find the courage to retake the high school diploma test. Storytellers Abroad participant, Alison Waller produced this story of Gnoyi’s dream to become a part of the Togolese medical community.

“With the added education I will be respected more, and people will have confidence in what I say so I will be able to approach my patients in a way that they will have confidence in what I say and I will be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they will listen because of their respect and confidence in me. I will do it though humbly and I will give glory to God.”

Jeremie’s Journey

Storyteller Cy Hayden is sharing the story of Jeremie, who is a Chaplain at the Hôpital Baptiste Biblique and a local pastor in Togo. Jeremie almost lost his pregnant wife due to a coma because of a sickle cell crisis. His son then developed hydrocephalus a month after his birth. Through multiple miracles, God healed both of them.


Removing AIDS Stigma In Togo

Brenda Mastin is a nurse at the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism hospital in Tsiko, Togo. Over the last few years she and other Togolese colleagues have formed the organization ALMA which is french for “friend indeed”. They are an HIV/AIDS ministry of education, compassion and support. Their main operation is to educate the local churches to show compassion to HIV/AIDS patients as well as giving them support through counseling and medication. They hope to open their own center for chronic disease care near the hospital. In this video Storyteller Hannah Saxe tells the story of ALMA and their work in Togo.


Teaching Women, Reaching Togo

Under the teaching of ABWE missionary Rebekah Poteat, Abra Sakpa has been learning Bible study methods and is using them to teach 20-25 women about the Bible. Her vision in learning and teaching the Bible is that she might teach other women, who will then go out and spread the gospel themselves so that the farthest corners of Togo might be reached. Storyteller and ABWE missionary Hannah Strayer tells this story of God working in the life of Abra and her vision for Togo.

Freedom From the Fetish

After years of growing up in fetish worship, Martouka Anani fell deathly sick and remembered the gospel he had heard as a child. Even though his parents disowned him from walking away from the fetish religion, he pursued Jesus and devoted his life to sharing the good news with others.

Now he is a pastor of a thriving church and a teacher at the Bible Institute, training up other pastors to step into teaching roles to transform Togo for Jesus. This is his story – please watch and consider support the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism’s mission to impact more lives and expand the multiplication of churches in Togo, West Africa.  Storyteller Hannah Teramura tells the story of Martouka.

Muslim to Christian Because of God’s Love

Storyteller Kathryn Shoaf is telling the story about a young woman named Djamila. She is the daughter of an Islamic soldier, but found herself torn between two opposing worlds – the familiar traditions of Islam and the unknown Christian faith that her mother had claimed. With guidance from two ABWE teachers, she discovered the life changing love of Christ.


Trials in Togo

Gaglo was there when the first ABWE missionaries came to Togo. He helped build the hospital and has seen first hand how it has made an impact on the Togolese. Over 32 churches have been planted because of the hospital. Gaglo not only works as a physician’s assistant, but is also a pastor for one of the church plants. In this video Storyteller Liz Ortiz tells his story.

Forgiveness and Starting Over

Nyakpo Kossigan Dzidzinyo was born into a Royal African family and raised by his grandmother. After her passing, and a series of difficult trials, Nyakpo came to know the Lord. He is now a teacher for the Bible Baptist Schools of Togo, and highly involved in youth ministry. Storyteller Stacey Schuett tells his story.

<p><a href=”″>Forgiveness and Starting Over – Nyakpo’s Story</a> from <a href=””>Storytellers Abroad</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


“I blow bubbles and make funny faces.  Basically, I’m a clown.  The Togolese believers do the real work.” Often this is how we missionaries feel doing ministry in Togo!  Our white faces draw the crowd.  We can provide the funding, expertise, training to Togolese believers who in turn get to reach into the hearts of the people with the Gospel!

Recently, the Buczak family was able to host a VBS in a Kabiyé village near Hôpital Baptiste Biblique. Continue reading VBS